Try inexpensive and tasty 14 restaurants in Japan.


Today, Japanese dishes are well known and can be eaten throughout the world and you may have already tried certain dishes such as Sushi, Okonomiyaki and Ramen. But not only these meals in Japan, there are many other options, so let me show you 14 options that are cheap and tasty.


Kaiten-zushi / 回転寿司 (Conveyor belt Sushi)

There are so many different types of a sushi restaurants in Japan, which classes vary widely. One of them is Kaiten-zushi which is a fast-food style of sushi from Japan and you can eat sushi 100 yen (about 1 dollar) per plate (2 sushi). Let me show you three famous Kaiten-zushi restaurants in Japan.

Sushiro / スシロー


Sushiro is the biggest chain ​that offers variety and high-quality sushi. Order your favorite sushi on the touch panel or pick up the sushi from the conveyor belt. don’t worry there is an English menu on the touch panel. In the evening time, so many people are waiting in line, especially on the weekend.

Kurasushi / くら寿司


Kurasushi is the 2nd largest chain in Kaiten-zushi. The ordering method is almost the same as Sushiro. After the meal, you can enjoy a little game for every five plates at the table.

Hamasushi / はま寿司


Hamasushi is the third biggest sushi chain that offers sushi 90 yen per plate for the weekend. In here Robot as a receptionist is working.


Japanese Chinese chain

Japanese Chinese cuisine has become modified over the years to suit Japanese tastes. We call it ‘Chuka-Ryori’, which means Chinese cuisine. You can find Chinese restaurants easily around Japan.

Gyoza no osyo / 餃子の王将

In Japan, there are 3 main ‘chyu-ka’ chain restaurants such as Gyoza no osyo (餃子の王将), Korakuen (幸楽苑) and Hidakaya (日高屋) . Every restaurant is fast, cheap, tasty, and volume-packed.


Korakuen / 幸楽苑

Korakuen is also a good option to eat. A set meal (定食 Teishoku) is a set of dishes such as meat and fish with rice, soup, and pickles.


Hidakaya / 日高屋

Hidakaya offers reasonable cuisine too. you can enjoy every set of meals for under 800 yen. (about 8 dollars ).

jjguae miso ramen and fried rice at hidakaya, kichijoji

Donburi / 丼

Donburi is one of the most popular fast food in Japan. That consists of meat, fish, vegetables, and some other ingredients on top of rice.

Matsuya / 松屋


Matsuya is one of the most popular Gyudon chains. Gyudon is a Japanese dish in which thinly sliced beef and onions are simmered in soy sauce and placed on top of rice.

Yoshinoya / 吉野家


Yoshinoya is also a famous Gyudon chain in Japan.

Sukiya / すき家

ねぎ玉牛丼, すき家, Sukiya, 廣島, Hiroshima

This is the third beef bowl chain. It features many types of beef bowls. Regular beef bowls can be eaten at Matsuya, Yoshinoya, and Sukiya for less than 400 yen. (about 4 dollars)

Tendon (Bowl of rice and fried fish ) Ten-ya / 天丼てんや

特選海鮮天丼套餐, 淺草海老烏龍麵定食, 天丼てんや, Tendon Tenya, 台北, 台灣, Taipei, Taiwan

Ten-ya is a tempura fast-food chain. You can enjoy tempura(deep-fried) and tempura set meals such as seafood and vegetables. The regular tendon is offered for 500 yen.(about 5 dollars)




Hamburger steak with sauce

Japanese like Italian pasta and pizzas, but authentic one is a little expensive so when we would like to eat Italian more affordable we go to the Saizeriya. You will be full for less than 1000 yen. (about 10 dollars)

Japanese noodle

Japanese people often eat noodles in addition to rice, and ramen, Soba, Udon, and pasta are especially popular. Soba Ramen and udon are made from different ingredients. Soba is made from buckwheat flour, Udon and Ramen are made from wheat flour. And the thickness and color are also different. Udon is thick, soba is thin and Ramen is medium.

Marugame seimen / 丸亀製麺


Marugame Udon is a self-service Sanuki-udon restaurant that is operated overseas too (LA, Hawaii, etc..) Udon is thick Japanese noodles made from wheat flour. The combination of tempura and udon is the best. Above all Cheap, fast, and delicious!!

Fuzisoba / 富士そば

Mini fillet cutlet donburi and kake soba at Fuji soba, Kichijoji

Soba is a traditional national cuisine in Japan and it is a thin noodle made from buckwheat. It is prepared in various hot and cold dishes. You order from the vending machine and get a ticket, hand out it to staff, and then order Udon or Soba, and Hot or cold. Almost all soba and udon are 500 yen or less.(about 5 dollars)

Tenkaippin / 天下一品

ramen and fried rice at Tenka ippin, kichijoji

One of the most famous ramen chains in Japan is Tenkaippin abbreviated as Tenichi. It uses two types of ramen as described above, a ‘thick type’ which uses a thick soup prepared by boiling chicken and vegetables, and a ‘plain type’ which uses a clear chicken bone broth. The Ramen set meal (with rice) is 1000 yen or less. (about 10 dollars)